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Feb 13, 2020

WCities to Add Extensive Location and Event Data to the Houndify Voice AI Platform

SoundHound Inc. is excited to announce a partnership with Wcities, one of the leading global providers of content for travel and entertainment information. With the new Wcities event search domain, developers using Houndify will have access to information on more than 3 million events across 150 categories (including sports, concerts, festivals and shows), in over 2,000 cities worldwide. They can include this information in their apps and services via Wcities’ eventseeker™ APIs.

Through this new domain, users will be able to get current, nearby event data — including city guides, event calendars, tour information, and activity suggestions — simply by asking a question. Houndify’s Speech-to-Meaning™ technology eliminates the need to utter specific phrasing of hard coded commands or skills.

“We’re thrilled to partner with Wcities to bring their extensive list of event and location-based data to the Houndify platform. Gaining access to this rich local content enables people to engage more deeply with the communities they live in and visit, in an easily accessible way, through voice.” – Kamyar Mohajer, VP of corporate strategy and international expansion, SoundHound Inc.

Sample queries for the Wcities domain include:

  • “What is there to do around here?”
  • “Show concerts on the East side this week.”
  • “What teams are playing downtown tonight and what time does the game start?
  • “Who is playing at the Apollo Theater tonight?”
  • “What exhibits are at the Met this weekend?”
  • “Who is playing at Coachella this year?”
  • “Are there any food festivals happening this month?”

Houndify also enables users to ask follow-up questions, ensuring that the conversation is seamless and continuous. For example, users can ask to play the music of an artist performing in their neighborhood that night. Other Houndify domains include weather, sports, as well as Yelp, Expedia, and Uber.

In addition to this most recent partnership, SoundHound Inc. has been actively seeking partnerships with content providers as part of a larger strategy to bring the power of voice AI to every product, device, and application. Recent additions to its robust library of domains include iHeartRadioBigOven, and HERE Technologies.

If you’re interested in exploring the Houndify Voice AI platform, visit to learn more and register for a free trial account. Read more about our partnership with Wcities.

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