Travel planning with Hound voice AI
Sep 13, 2018

Simplify Travel Planning with Hound’s Voice AI

Hound is an AI-powered voice assistant designed to help you stay productive. Planning some upcoming travel? Hound can help. Just use your voice!

Research confirms that “U.S. travelers are interested in using voice for a multitude of travel-related tasks. More than half of travelers are comfortable requesting general information using a voice-powered digital assistant.”

Here are some travel-related searches on Hound that are useful for vacation planning.

#1 Use voice search to pick a destination

Heard about an interesting spot to go sightseeing from friends and family? Just ask Hound for pictures or more details about a landmark or attraction.

  • “OK Hound… Show me pictures of Kanazawa in Japan”
  • “OK… Where is Kanazawa on a map?”
  • “OK… What’s the closest airport to there?”

#2 Look up the weather forecast and hotels

Once you’ve selected the destination, make sure you’re prepared for the trip.

Hound can help you figure out the logistics from start to finish.

  • “OK Hound… Are there hotels near the Eiffel Tower for next week that are less than $300 a night?”
  • “OK Hound… What’s the weather like in Cancun for next week?”

#3 Get going (and take Hound with you)

With the destination selected, hotels booked, and out of office message set — it’s now just a matter of getting there! Schedule your flights, transportation, and whatever else you might need to finally take off.

  • “OK Hound… How much does it cost to book an Uber to the airport?”
  • “OK Hound… Show me flights from LAX to Anchorage for this weekend”

So there you have it — plan your travels with Hound in three easy steps. And to all our Android users, don’t forget that there are even more features exclusive to you. We can’t wait to see where you end up going.

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