Voice AI conferences in 2021
Apr 12, 2021

9 More Voice AI Conferences Happening in 2021

At the beginning of this year, we found 7 online conferences of interest to the voice-first community and those brands either embracing voice AI strategies or considering implementing a voice assistant. At the time, we weren’t sure when we could all gather together again. But, as we move closer to opening up our economy and our public spaces, the voice technology conferences have begun planning their events.

While some are still showing caution and planning virtual events, others are looking to bring people together. Whether you plan to travel to events and elbow bump in person, or simply catch-up with peers and learn from voice AI experts from the comfort of your own home, there’s a voice-first conference for you.

Here are 9 voice AI conferences currently planned through the end of 2021:

1. Voice of the Car Summit East

Event Summary:

The Voice of the Car Summit is dedicated to exploring the growing intersection of voice technology, conversational AI, and the modern connected car. Originally one event, Voice of the Car has evolved into two events—West and East.

The event features leading car manufacturers and voice AI technology companies who come together to talk about the future of the connected car and how leading auto manufacturers are integrating voice AI technology into their vehicles. 

When: May 13

Where: Henry Ford Museum, Dearborn, MI

2. Voice of the Car Summit West

Event Summary:

The original site of the Voice of the Car Summit, Club Auto Sport in San Jose, will again host the 2021 event. The topics covered in the past have included conversational AI, voice-based avatars, audio quality, testing and monitoring, multilingual voice assistants, the modern connected car, and navigation. 

Innovators in voice AI technology and leading car manufacturers gather at Voice of the Car Summit to discover who’s leading the industry, what’s spurring innovation, the newest best practices for in-car voice experiences, and the future of voice AI in vehicles.

When: May 20

Where: Club Auto Sport, San Jose, CA

3. Chatbot Conference Online

Event Summary:

The Chatbot Conference features presenters from leading companies who are either using or developing chatbots, AI, virtual assistants, and other voice technologies. 

By attending, you’ll hear how top brands are using chatbots to decrease costs and increase revenues, as well as the latest trends, use cases, and best practices. Topics covered include, generating revenue, artificial intelligence, NLU and NLP, voice AI and virtual assistants, UX and design best practices, and how chatbots are being deployed in a variety of vertical markets.

When: May 25 – May 27

Where: Online event

4. AI4 2021

Event Summary:

Ai4 Summit is a three day event focused on the adoption of artificial intelligence and machine learning technology. Geared toward both practitioners and business leaders, this case study format provides attendees with actionable insights and best practices derived from real-world scenarios. 

The goal of the event is to facilitate the adoption of artificial intelligence and machine learning technology and to help organizations improve their understanding and solve challenges at every stage of the AI journey. Presenters and attendees span a variety of industries and share common challenges, explore differences, and exchange ideas about what AI means in various industries.

When: August 17-19

Where: Taking place digitally

5. AI and Big Data Conference North America

Event Summary:

The AI and Big Data Expo is a combination of solo presentations, panel discussions, and fireside chats. The focus of the conference is the exploration of the latest innovations, implementations, and strategies in AI technology. Presentations cover a wide range of topics, including data analytics, chatbots, business intelligence, ethics, customer experience, and voice technology.

Presenters and attendees span a wide range of industries, including, manufacturing, transport, supply chain, government, legal sectors, financial services, energy, utilities, insurance, healthcare, retail, and others.

When: September 29~30

Where: Fully Virtual

6. Voice Summit

Event Summary:

Established in 2017, VOICE continues to attract presenters and global audiences in the voice-tech industry. Presentations and discussions center around the state of voice AI, market trends and knowledge, new and emerging products, evolving technologies, and the newest innovations and ideas. 

Past presentations and keynotes have featured executives from top organizations across industries as well as voice technology innovators and thought leaders. The conference offers a variety of workshops, panels, and opportunities to network and learn about the latest products, services, and trends in the voice-first world.

When: Oct. 5-28

Where: Held virtually

7. Project Voice X

Event Summary: 

This newest event from Project Voice has extended the voice assistant and voice AI conversation to social audio and the intersection between the two. A large community is forming around social audio—just now emerging with platforms like Clubhouse, Twitter Spaces, and the like. 

Project Voice X will bring the voice AI and social audio audiences together to discuss the benefits of both, best practices, and practical tips for moving forward. 

When: October 25-27

Where: Fort Walton Beach, FL

8. Bots & Assistants Virtual Conference

Event Summary:

The Bots & Assistants Conference is a hybrid of presentations and small group discussions. This new conference will lead attendees to explore the use of natural language processing and speech recognition technologies in the design and development of chatbots, virtual agents for customer service, and digital assistants. Presentations will be in the form of case studies, best practices, data analytics, and product demonstrations.

Topics of discussion will span voice AI technology deep dives as well as business insights—including the challenges and trends around delivering customer service using chatbots, mobile apps, general personal assistants, and skills and actions.

When: November 9-10

Where: Wherever you are

9. All About Voice Virtual Meetups

Event Summary:

The folks at All About Voice have been bringing voice enthusiasts together in virtual conferences in early 2021. They plan to continue their events—featuring 10 minute lightning talks followed by breakout sessions and networking opportunities. Recent events include, Voice in Cars, Voice Marketing, and Voice X Kids Entertainment.

The virtual meetups involve executives, product and project managers, developers, and marketing professionals in discussions about the latest trends in voice technology and an opportunity to share insights, best practices, and expert advice. Joining the AAV Club will get you updates on upcoming events.

When: Ongoing

Where: Virtually

As the year continues to unfold, we’ll add more events to this list. Let us know if you have an upcoming event that focuses on voice technology and we’ll do our best to get it listed.

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