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Build your restaurant a custom AI-powered voice assistant that handles 100% of your phone calls.

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Maximize Sales

SoundHound’s voice assistant answers every call—even during peak hours—eliminating the busy signal, answering questions, taking multiple orders simultaneously, and seamlessly processing the order and payment through your POS system.

While your staff is cooking, cleaning, serving food, and providing exceptional customer service, SoundHound’s voice assistant is on the phone answering questions and taking orders—increasing the number of orders processed and bringing value to your business.

Reduce the time and resources it takes to continually hire, train, and onboard staff. SoundHound’s voice assistant for restaurants is like having a permanent staff member who’s always on shift and ready to take calls.


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Eliminate Hold Time

No need to decide between taking a phone order and serving the guest in front of you. SoundHound’s voice assistant for restaurants answers every call on the first ring and can complete transactions without putting callers on hold.

Save Money and Time

Staffing is costly and time consuming. An always-on voice assistant who knows your menu can staff the phones, so you don’t have to. Alleviate the time and effort to continuously train new employees and adjust schedules to ensure someone can answer the phone.

Better Customer Service

Busy, hungry customers calling ahead for take-out or to ask questions rarely have the patience to be put on hold. A dedicated voice assistant provides helpful service every time and frees your staff to focus on quality food preparation and courteous delivery.

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With Smart Ordering, we will ingest your entire menu and you can customize your greetings and goodbyes to suit your brand. With Smart Answering, you can customize your voice assistant to answer most, if not all questions your customers ask on the phone. Add as many custom questions as needed that are relevant to your business, plus common questions listed below.

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We can use your existing business phone number. You simply set up call forwarding which can be done on your phone provider’s website. Learn how here.

Yes, our platform can handle a large volume of calls simultaneously so your customers never have to wait.

Yes, you can transfer customers to a real person. Contact us here if you have questions.

SoundHound has built the leading independent voice AI platform, featuring a “full stack” of voice AI technologies including Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR), Natural Language Understanding (NLU), and Text to Speech (TTS). 

Smart Answering also uses the latest generative AI technology that allows businesses to quickly build customized voice assistants that can accurately answer virtually any question your customers may ask.

You can trust SoundHound’s nearly 20 years of experience in artificial intelligence to deliver fast, accurate, and more natural conversational experiences. We power millions of integrations, from our Chat AI app, to millions of automobiles, and a fast-growing network of restaurants, and other businesses.

Contact us here and a sales representative will quickly contact you.

Contact us here and a sales representative will quickly contact you.