SoundHound to Offer On-Chip Voice AI with NVIDIA That Delivers In-Vehicle Generative AI Responses With No Connectivity Required

Solution combines SoundHound Chat AI with a large language model running in-vehicle on NVIDIA DRIVE for seamless voice interaction

SoundHound AI Automotive
This marks a new chapter for generative AI, proving that the powerful technology can still deliver optimal results in the absence of cloud connectivity

SANTA CLARA, Calif., March 18, 2024 – SoundHound AI, Inc. (Nasdaq: SOUN), a global leader in voice artificial intelligence, today announced an innovative in-vehicle voice assistant that uses a large language model (LLM) completely on the edge while running on the NVIDIA DRIVE platform.

This marks a new chapter for generative AI, proving that the powerful technology can still deliver optimal results in the absence of cloud connectivity. SoundHound’s work with NVIDIA will allow it to significantly expand the number of places and situations that generative AI can be deployed.

NVIDIA DRIVE will enable SoundHound Chat AI – a breakthrough in-vehicle voice platform that combines both real-time and generative AI capabilities – to provide responses even when there is no connectivity. 

Among a range of use cases, the new solution will let drivers access SoundHound Vehicle Intelligence, a product that instantly delivers information directly from the car manual and other relevant data sources using natural speech. 

Vehicle Intelligence understands a verbal request and seamlessly provides answers – including settings, safety, troubleshooting, and vehicle maintenance – without the need for a cumbersome physical document. Examples include:

  • “I see a flashing light that looks like a car battery and I’m not sure what that means?”
  • “What does the ‘auto hold’ button do?”
  • “How do I use that feature that lets me drive hands-free safely?”

In addition to Vehicle Intelligence, users can ask more general questions that can help drivers plan a trip or a vacation, such as:

  • “Where are the best locations to take photographs on the Pacific Coastal Highway?”
  • “Which wineries offer riesling in Carmel Valley?”
  • “What kinds of dishes count as Californian cuisine?”

This cutting-edge technology opens up huge opportunities for automakers looking to give drivers rapid voice-enabled access to LLM capabilities with the added benefit of greater privacy, flexibility, and lower operating costs.

“Together with NVIDIA, we’re marrying the incredible capabilities of generative AI with all the advantages of edge computing,” said Mike Zagorsek, COO of SoundHound AI. “The net result is a fast and private voice experience with seamless results. And with this new level of adaptability, the possibilities are endless.”

“We’re working with innovative partners like SoundHound to bring generative AI and accelerated compute into the car – enhancing the occupant experience and bringing greater safety behind the wheel,” said Rishi Dhall, Vice President of Automotive at NVIDIA. “SoundHound’s in-vehicle voice interface, powered by NVIDIA DRIVE, can provide drivers with fast, accurate information, even when there’s no connection.”

SoundHound AI offers a selection of on-device edge voice solutions that allow automakers to grant their end-users greater levels of privacy by keeping data stored locally.

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