Peugeot powered by Houndify
Sep 21, 2018

PEUGEOT e-LEGEND CONCEPT Car — Powered by Houndify

When it comes to envisioning the future, our partners at PEUGEOT unveiled something special and forward-looking in preparation for the upcoming Paris Motor Show. In their own words leading with, “…boredom is not part of our DNA”, PEUGEOT announced its e-LEGEND CONCEPT car, with a vision for the future of driving that is both realistic and radically modern, while maintaining the elegance and heritage of the iconic brand. We are thrilled to have incorporated Houndify as the voice AI in-car assistant within the e-LEGEND CONCEPT.

This integration is part of our recently announced partnership with Groupe PSA to develop a cloud-based and conversational voice interface across the company’s portfolio of cars, including PEUGEOT, Citroën, DS, Opel, and Vauxhall models. Drivers will be able to experience Houndify voice capabilities in these cars starting in Europe in 2020.

The Houndify integration powers the voice-activated personal assistant

The e-LEGEND CONCEPT experience is 100% autonomous, electric and connected, with a focus on immersive and customized driving. The Houndify integration powers the e-LEGEND CONCEPT’s voice-activated personal assistant that enables drivers to change their driving style, listen to their favorite playlist, or even open and close the vehicle doors seamlessly with a simple voice command.

The Houndify voice AI assistant empowers the driving experience

The assistant responds with the digitized voice of Gilles Vidal, Style Director at PEUGEOT, delivered through FOCAL®, an acoustic architecture that ensures optimal sound diffusion.

Through the combined implementation of the Houndify platform and FOCAL, the e-LEGEND CONCEPT is specifically designed to enable new forward-looking sound functions including:

  • “Mapping,” so only the driver hears navigation messages while the other occupants listen to music
  • “Zoning,” which places each passenger in their own sound bubble, allowing for individualization of audio
The e-LEGEND CONCEPT experience is 100% autonomous, electric, and connected

Additional features include the Responsive i-Cockpit, which allows drivers to select one of four driving modes; an iconic visual design rooted in the PEUGEOT heritage; elegant and luxurious interior materials; ergonomic and intuitive consoles, controls, and digital screens; and a 100% electric powertrain. For full details, see PEUGEOT’s press release.

The PEUGEOT e-LEGEND CONCEPT is presented at the 2018 Paris Motor Show, and a version will be adapted for production vehicles and available on PEUGEOT-brand products within two years. The future of driving has never looked — or sounded — better.

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