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Dec 21, 2020

Hound and Houndify Expand Content Offerings with iHeartRadio Partnership

We’re excited to announce that iHeartRadio content is now available within the Hound app and to developers using our Houndify voice AI platform. Earlier this year, SoundHound Inc. announced a partnership with iHeartRadio to provide its vast and impressive music and podcast content to Houndify platform users. That content is now fully integrated and ready for developers as part of Houndify’s extensive library of content domains.

The iHeartRadio content, including Live Radio (U.S. only), Artist Radio (U.S. only), and Podcasts (available globally except the U.K.), is immediately available as a content domain for developers. Now, any customized voice assistant powered by Houndify can include the convenience of hands-free access to a vast library of free music and podcasts.

The addition of iHeartRadio’s content is a natural progression for the Hound App, which has always had the ability to search and stream music. The inclusion of this content lets Hound users stream live radio directly in the app, and enjoy an ever-increasing number of ways to play their favorite music stations—anytime and anywhere. As a company with its roots in music, we’re constantly building upon the streaming experience users can enjoy through the app.

As a bonus, an iHeartRadio account isn’t required to access the content for Hound and Houndify users. Whether multitasking at home or driving in traffic, users can simply search for favorite radio stations hands-free, with simple voice commands. To access the iHeartRadio content, simply ask Hound or your voice assistant to display the list of local radio stations available, search for your favorites, or filter by genre and location. 

To get started on the app, say “OK Hound…” and follow up with phrases like:

  • Show me popular radio stations around me” 
  • How about stations in San Francisco?
  • Only show me classic rock
  • Play the first one

Already know what you’re looking for? Instead of trying to search through every radio channel, you can skip all the steps and simply play a station right away. 

Just say “OK Hound…

  • I want to listen to Z100
  • Play 98.1

For more details on what you can do with these new radio streaming features, watch the video below.

Since SoundHound Inc. first started out in music recognition with the SoundHound App over a decade ago, working with iHeartRadio was an inevitable part of trying to improve and build upon the music search and streaming experience. Be sure to enjoy this latest update from Hound, and keep on listening. Download Hound for iOS and Android.

If you’re interested in exploring the Houndify Voice AI platform visit Houndify.com to learn more and register for a free trial account.

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