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Feb 03, 2020

Let Hound be Your Sous-Chef with 500,000+ Recipes

Written by David Ngo

Trying new recipes can sometimes seem daunting or exhausting… but with a little help, it can be enjoyable and rewarding too. Whether you’re a beginner who strictly follows recipes or a master chef who loves to experiment with flavors and combinations, getting your hands dirty is part of the experience. But when you’re elbow-deep chopping vegetables, seasoning meats, mixing batter, and prepping, it’s difficult to scan a recipe on your phone or look at notes to find step-by-step instructions. That’s why we’re so excited to announce Hound’s newest and biggest feature yet: a voice-enabled, hands-free recipe catalog.

As part of our partnership with BigOven, you can now search from more than 500,000 recipes just using simple voice queries. Search and filter by the dish’s name, cuisine, cooking time, dish category, ingredients, and even dietary restrictions. Imagine you’re craving an Italian dish but don’t want to take all day to make it. Simply say:

  • “OK Hound… Show me Korean main dish recipes that take less than one hour.”

A few more examples of requests you can make for recipes include the following. Just say “OK Hound…”

  • “Find a recipe for gluten-free banana bread”
  • “Do you know any recipes for vegan Shepherd’s pie?”
  • “Show me some dairy-free dessert recipes”
  • “Show me some recipes for chicken and spinach”

To look at a recipe, you can either tap to select one on the list or tell Hound to show you the details with your voice (“OK Hound… Show me the first one”). You’ll see details of the recipe such as ingredients, prep time, nutrition info, and how many servings it makes. Once you’ve decided on something, and have everything you need to get started, it’s time to get cooking! You can tell Hound to go through each step of the recipe as well as repeat steps and go back to previous ones. For example, you can say “OK Hound…”

  • “Let’s start cooking”
  • “What’s the next step?”
  • “Go back to the last step”

Hound allows you to advance to the next step without having to constantly wash your hands to touch your screen or turn the pages of a recipe book, saving you time and effort.

And don’t forget that you can use Hound’s other tools while cooking as well! Sometimes you might not have the right measuring cups or don’t have a timer on hand as you’re making your dish. Have no fear, as Hound can help keep the process as smooth as possible so you can get back to cooking (and prevent any kitchen accidents from happening). For instance, start by saying “OK Hound…” and then:

  • “Set a timer for 30 minutes”
  • “How many grams are in an ounce?”

When you’re done using the tools, just say “OK Hound…”

  • “Continue cooking” or “What’s the next step?”

Cooking can either be a major hassle or something you wish you had more time for in the day. Hound can become your most trusted sous-chef in the kitchen, providing an extensive recipe catalog and a plethora of tools to help you create delicious meals. Whether you’re trying to be more efficient with your meal prep or trying to impress your guests with a fancy dinner party, you can count on Hound to help guide you through every step of the process. All you need is your voice.

David Ngo is a Silicon Valley-based writer who covers tech and culture. An avid story seeker, he has a strong disposition for heartfelt speeches and sarcasm.

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