Moving Up The Learning Curve : Part I

Sep 20, 2023

Smart Answering eGuide, Part 1: Getting Started

Welcome to the SoundHound Smart Answering Getting Started Guide. 

This guide will show you how to quickly create an AI voice assistant using Smart Answering’s AI. SoundHound Smart Answering uses advanced AI techniques to automatically capture and organize information specific to your business and feed it to your voice assistant — so you don’t have to. And so your voice assistant can get to work quickly.

Here’s what you’ll find in this guide:

  • How to setup your AI voice assistant demo in minutes with Smart Answering’s AI
  • Understanding the AI Knowledge Base and the Knowledge Meter
  • Introduction to Smart Answers and Smart Actions
  • Testing and listening to your voice assistant

For a quick overview of how to get started, watch this video:

Keep in mind that while your voice assistant will improve with use, your unique knowledge of the business contributes to an engaging experience. As you go through getting started, note how you refer to your products or services, your business’ style, the type of greetings customers hear. Your thoughtful input will help create a seamless, fun and helpful experience.

Set Up Your Voice Assistant in Minutes

It only takes a few minutes for Smart Answering to build a custom AI voice assistant demo for you. If you haven’t signed up for an account, visit

Enter your website and Smart Answering begins training your AI by analyzing your website and organizing the information that powers your AI voice assistant.   

Next, you’ll see your AI Knowledge Base:


AI Knowledge Base

When onboarding, Smart Answering uses SoundHound AI to understand, populate, and manage the AI Knowledge Base, which is a web page that displays all the knowledge required to answer your callers’ requests, grouped into business categories, such as hours, location, policies, products & services, and more. The individual editable knowledge items are known as Labels.

  • Labels can:
    • Provide Smart Answers (Answer Labels)  to the caller and/or
    • Perform Smart Actions (Action Labels) during a call

Smart Answers provide information to the customer that best satisfies the customer’s query, such as “What hours are you open?” or “Is there parking?”  

Smart Actions take an action or “do something” to help the customer with their requests, such as sending an SMS link to an appointment-setting page. Or routing a customer’s request to speak with the owner to the owner’s mobile phone.

We’ll focus here on how you can set up Smart Answers to respond to caller inquiries. In a separate guide, we’ll show you how to use Smart Actions.

Carefully review the knowledge base that Smart Answering has built. Information pulled from your website, for example, may be outdated. Or you may have new information to include. One of the advantages of Smart Answering is that it’s easy to update and customize as your needs change.

Knowledge Meter

Notice the SoundHound Knowledge Meter in the upper part of your screen. Just as LinkedIn uses the Profile Level Meter to measure the completeness of a person’s profile, the AI Knowledge Meter helps to gauge the voice assistant’s completeness. 

Keep in mind that either filling in a Label that’s marked ‘unknown’ or removing it will increase the Knowledge Meter.  Look for a future article where we’ll discuss other tips for how to increase the Knowledge Meter percentage. 

For now, be aware that anything over 80% is good to launch your voice assistant.

Testing Your Voice AI Demo

Your AI demo is now ready to test. You’ll have plenty of opportunities to review and personalize the information, but we suggest you get a feel for the voice assistant:

  1. Test your voice AI demo by clicking on the icon or calling the number.
  2. Smart Answering answers and you should hear the welcome greeting from Linda, the voice assistant.
  3. Ask Linda a few questions and listen to how she responds. You might ask “what are your hours today,” “how do I get to your business,” or “is there parking nearby.”

How does the voice assistant respond? Keep in mind that this is only a quick demo to start the ball rolling. See below for next steps.  

Next Steps

Now that you’ve created your first AI voice assistant demo, hopefully you’ve gotten a sense of how simple it is to create a voice assistant driven by voice AI and how powerful it can be. SoundHound Smart Answering offers many more features to help you create a highly effective voice assistant that can answer 100% of your calls.

Take a look at our Smart Answering Guide, Part II, that shows you other ways to use the Smart Answers feature.

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