Moving Up The Learning Curve : Part III

Nov 07, 2023

Smart Answering eGuide, Part III: Using Smart Actions to Stay Connected to Customers

Welcome to the SoundHound Smart Answering eGuide on how to use Smart Actions.

Smart Actions allow your AI voice assistant to respond to a caller’s request by taking actions such as:

  • Sending the caller an SMS link to your appointment page  
  • Transfering calls to specific mobile device numbers  
  • Allowing callers to alert a provider that they will be late 
  • Using the text back feature for direct interactions between caller and store owner 

To see some exciting uses of Smart Actions, watch this video:

Here’s what you can expect in this guide:

Connecting to a Live Person.  With Smart Actions, you can transfer callers who wish to speak with a live person to the most appropriate resource, such as a store mobile phone or a specific person or employee who is best suited to speak to the caller. Learn how in the Connecting to a Live Person  section in this guide.

How to Use Smart Actions

Smart Actions are located in the Transfers and Customer Self Service section of your AI Knowledge Base. This is the AI-generated web page that displays all the knowledge required to answer your callers’ requests — called Smart Answers — and the actions to respond to caller requests — Smart Actions.  

Smart Answering AI Knowledge Base

The Smart Actions section currently contains 7 Labels:

But as you’ll see, a few categories – such as Customer requests a human — allows for many variations. Since they use a similar structure, we’ll step through two of them to give you an idea of how to set them up.

Setting Up Appointments Using SMS Links

To let callers set up appointments when using your business’s AI voice assistant, use Smart Actions to send the caller a link to your web appointment page.

In the Transfers and Customer Self Service area, click on Add on the Make Appointment Label.

You’ll see the Make Appointment input screen:

Click on the carrot (v) and you’ll be given these actions:

Highlight Send SMS Self-service Link to Customer. You’ll see the area where you can input the Self-service link. Type in the URL for your web appointment page. Click Add

Smart Answering creates a new entry in the Make Appointment box and adds the URL to your appointment page.

Try testing your voice assistant to see if it downloads the correct SMS link to your appointment page.

Connecting to a Live Person

To enable callers to be routed to a live person, use the Smart Actions area of your AI Knowledge Base page: Transfers and Customer Self Service section, described above. 

On the Customer requests a human Label, click on Add.  The input screen opens.

Click on the carrot (v) on the Unknown input field and you’ll see these actions: 

Note that you can use this dropdown menu to select a number of options for reaching a human:

  • Transferring a call to a specific mobile #.
  • Sending a SMS self-service link to the customer.
  • Notifying an employee via text for call back – alerts employee to reach caller using voice.
  • Notifying an employee via text for text back – alerts employee to send a text back to the caller.

To transfer a call to a designated person that will answer the call live, Select Transfer Call to.

Next you’ll see a larger input box, as shown below. Type in the requested information.

Click Add.

The new Label is created with the mobile # to transfer the call to:

Engaging With Customers Using Text or Call Back 

To set up a text back or a call back option, go to the Transfers and Customer Self-Service area of your AI Knowledge Base.

Click Add on the Customer requests a human Label.  The input screen opens.

Click on the carrot (v) on the Unknown input field and you’ll see a few action options below. Highlight Notify Employee via Text for Text Back, then answer the questions about the employee. For your example, type in your phone number for notification.

Click Add. Smart Answering adds the new Label to your AI Knowledge Base.

Run a test to be sure your voice assistant responds correctly and sends you a text back message.

Thanks for trying out one of the most exciting and powerful new technologies for businesses. We’ll be reaching out as we add new features and capabilities to this revolutionary AI product.

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