Become a Pro at Smart Answering AI: Part 3

Nov 07, 2023

Part 3: Keep Iterating, Refining & Optimizing Your Voice Assistant

With your Smart Answers and Actions in place, this part is about refining and optimizing them to ensure they’re in sync with your business as it evolves.

Polishing your Smart Answers & Smart Actions

You’ve initiated your AI voice assistant with the foundational Smart Answers and Actions. Now, it’s time to dive deeper and sculpt these features to truly represent your business’s unique qualities. 

Remember, AI systems thrive on context—the more detailed and nuanced your inputs, the more accurate and helpful the responses will be.

Adopt a detective mindset

Think like a detective with a mission to ‘break’ Smart Answering. This mindset will help you identify any gaps or blind spots, making the system more robust against anything customers might ask. It’s like training an employee; the goal is to fast-track the AI to real-world experience.

Treat any feedback like a goldmine for improving your voice assistant:

Your team members are your on-the-ground intel, often spotting recurring customer questions or gaps in the AI’s knowledge base. But don’t stop there—extend your feedback loop to include friends and family. 

Encourage them to call and interact with your system, just like a customer would. Their fresh perspectives can unearth insights that even the most seasoned team member might miss. Then, take the time to really listen to their experiences and gauge their responses. Each piece of feedback is a puzzle piece to a more refined AI.

Alongside human input, make a habit of diving into your call logs. They’re a treasure trove of information, highlighting the questions and concerns that might stump your AI. And remember, nothing beats first hand experience. Challenge your system regularly. 

The more you test its limits, the more you’ll understand how to enhance it. Think of it as a continuous loop—feedback leads to insights, which lead to action, which circles back to more feedback. That’s the cycle that will sharpen your AI into the helpful assistant your customers deserve.

Continuous evolution

Your business doesn’t stand still, and neither should your AI. Keep feeding it new information and context. Encourage ongoing testing and feedback, especially from those who interact with it regularly. This approach doesn’t just improve the AI—it also educates it, making it an ‘experienced’ member of your team.

Get in the mindset of always refining & optimizing

Treat this as an evolving project. The more you test and adapt it, the more it will align with your business, ultimately providing a seamless customer interaction experience. Think of it as a garden that needs regular tending—your AI needs a steady stream of data and feedback to grow. This loop is how you cultivate a robust AI.

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