Just Ok is better
Apr 27, 2018

When “Just OK” Is Actually Better

Natural language and conversational intelligence are key ingredients for a successful voice experience. At SoundHound Inc., creating an intuitive, flowing conversation using voice with the connected things around us has been at the core of our vision. In our latest Hound release, we’re making it even easier to ask follow-up questions with a feature called JustOK™. Quickly refine all searches in Hound by simply saying “OK…”

How does it work?

Until now, voice assistants have required the users to repeat a wake phrase for each command. For instance, when asking Hound to search for hotels hands-free, “OK Hound…” would need to be spoken before each request.

“OK Hound… Which ones are open after 7pm?”

“OK Hound… Show me coffee shops nearby”

With JustOK, you can continue to refine a search by only saying “OK…”.

“OK Hound… Show me Mexican restaurants nearby”

“OK… Exclude fast food and sort by rating”

“OK… Please show the ones that are kid friendly and have outdoor seating”

JustOK is now supported on all Hound interactions… because there are times in life when just OK is actually better!

JustOK joins a number of innovations on the Houndify platform including Speech-to-Meaning™, Deep Meaning Understanding™, Query Glue®️, “OK Hound” Anytime, Interrupt Mode and more.

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